Paul, i love this man! It looks amazing.
Trevor Russell, Gold Coast, Australia

Love it...and that beautiful magenta colour has special meaning for me.
Gopali Dasi, Murwillumbah, Australia

It's awesome... A swastika in the middle. It's so colourful. Auspicious second birthday card. Thank you
Loki St James, Murwillumbah, Australia

Thank you ever so much. I look forward to seeing you in QLD soon. and progressing art collaborations. all the best, Sharon.
Sharon Davson, Australia

Thank you so much for the reading. We had a look and were really taken away with it.
Janine Moodely

WOW I LIKE it Paul!! Thank you!!!
Max Eberle, Las Vegas

This soooo good! And spot on! Full moon (white) in Jupiter's sign (Yellow, Mauve), Mercury exalted (green) and blue?.. oh sooo blue. Thank you.
Mohini Cox, Australia

We have already had the Soul Yantra which you designed for our Bhakti Yoga center digitally printed and installed on a 2mx2m board on the wall at the entrance of the restaurant. The color of this Yantra balances the energy and compliments the interior desgin of the center very well. The visitors find it quite mystic and sophisticated.
Bhakti Yoga Center, Taichung, Taiwan

I didnt know i was so cool and stable looking haha. Thats what happens when you dont get time to look at yourself in the mirror...
Malini Turner, Australia

Yeah wow. My soul is dope!
Narayana Johnson, Melbourne

Wow I am honoured to have my very own Soul Yantra! amazing...
Rajasana, London, England

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